Coordinated Stand Architecture: Platforms


The coordinated booth architecture ensures a consistent, modern look and leaves plenty of freedom for individual brand presentations. Platforms are ready-made, 20 sq m presentation spaces, arranged on islands with a maximum of three units. Open spaces, demarcated by filigree black metal dividers with one or two walled partitions, and a distance of 0.6 m between neighboring exhibitors. Each combined unit is equipped with lighting, electrical connections, storage space integrated into the walls, flooring.

The space module:

• 4.5 m x 4.5 m = 20.25 sq m floor space, extendable in 20.25 sq m stages

• Floor carpet in dark grey

• Exhibitor’s lettering

• 1 multi strip

• Lighting: Bus bars with 5 lamps

• Stand cleaning and waste disposal

• 1 Wireless LAN connection